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Are Arnica Montana & Bromelain Effective for Bruising and Inflammation?

Are Arnica Montana & Bromelain Effective for Bruising and Inflammation?

It is common to have bruising and inflammation after cosmetic procedures, surgery, or injuries. When you get injured, tiny blood vessels under your skin are ruptured, and blood gets trapped just below the skin surface, causing a bruise. Bruising and inflammation after a surgical or cosmetic procedure can last at least a week or longer.  Regardless of what caused bruising, you can use Arnica Montana and Bromelain to relieve it and keep your downtime to minimum.  

Wondering what these super-ingredients are and how they can help you get rid of a bruise easily? Let’s find out! 

What Is Arnica Montana? 

Arnica Montana is a plant found in Europe, North America, and Asia that can relieve bruising, especially after rhinoplasty and facial procedures.   

In Europe, Arnica has long been used as a traditional herbal remedy for reducing the recovery time for patients. Today, the herb is available in the form of supplements and gels for topical application. 

How Does It Help With Bruising? 

Arnica’s major active component, helenalin, is a phytochemical known for its anti-inflammatory effects. While the exact bruise treatment mechanism of Arnica is yet to be discovered, it is believed to inhibit platelet function in vitro. Used in small proportions in arnica gel for bruises, it increases blood flow around the bruised tissue and, as a result, the body reabsorbs the escaped fluids. This makes the black and blue marks on the skin disappear quickly and reduces pain and inflammation by taking pressure off the nerve endings.   

What Is Bromelain? 

Bromelain is an enzyme extract that’s primarily found in pineapple stems.   It is a type of proteolytic enzyme which has the ability to break down proteins.   

The enzyme carries anti-inflammatory properties and can help relieve swelling and pain. It is also used for treating burns, kidney stones, arthritis, tendinitis, pain and swelling caused by muscle injuries, and various other conditions.  

Bromelain supplements are often prescribed after surgery to minimize swelling and bruising. Studies show that oral consumption of Bromelain can reduce pain, swelling, and bruising.  It is also used in topical gels and exhibits the same healing properties.    

How Does It Help With Bruising? 

It’s a protein-digesting enzyme that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. By reducing the swelling, it relieves pressure on nerve endings thus relieving pain.   

Use Them Together For Quick Relief 

You can find products on the market that use Arnica Montana and Bromelain in supplement and gel form to relieve pain and swelling quickly. BruiseMD offers both topical and oral solutions for any bruising, swelling, or pain you may experience caused by injuries, surgery, or cosmetic procedures.  Give it a try and see how it works! 


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