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Our medical grade silicone products are recommended by burn centers around the world. They are gentle on newly healed burns and also on skin graft harvest sites. Burn scars are especially prone to forming widespread hypertrophic scars. Early treatment of these types of scars can help prevent the formation of hypertrophic scars as well as prevent contracture of the scars. Scar contractures cause a tightness in the scar that restricts mobility and flexibility, especially in burns over joints. Our 10" x 24" blanket is one of the largest silicone sheets you will find anywhere, and can cover very large burn areas. 

Are you wearing compression garments over your burns? It can be difficult to get a silicone sheet to lay flat while trying to put them on. We recommend using our NewGel+E topical gel and allowing it time to dry before putting compression garments on. No more bunching or wrinkles!