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Helpful Hints for C-Section Scars

  • When Can I Start Using NewGel+

  • Use NewGel+ Gel and/or Sheets ONLY when your incision area has healed.

    We understand that you want to start treating your C-section scar as soon as possible. But, it's important that you use NewGel+ Gel and/or Sheets/Strips after your stitches have been removed. And, NEVER use NewGel+ Gel and Sheets/Strips at the same time.

  • Relatively Large C-Section Scar?

  • Newgel+ available in 18 inch and 24 inch Strips

    NewGel+ medical grade silicone strips are available 2" x 24" and 2" x 18", and can be cut to fit the size of your scar. NewGel+ Gel can be used in combination with NewGel+ Sheets/Strips, but should NOT be used at the same time.

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