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Yes, NewGel+ products are manufactured in the USA with a specially formulated medical grade silicone, developed to be non-toxic and non-irritating. It is safe for use on children and adults as well as all skin types. It is bio-compatible and does not absorb into the skin. It stays on the surface to provide a protective barrier layer. We recommend that you consult with a pediatric medical professional when treating scars on children.

Yes, silicone gel sheeting and silicone ointment have been proven to reduce, flatten, fade and smooth these difficult types of scars. Learn more about keloid and hypertrophic scars.

Yes, clinical studies have shown that silicone sheeting and gels are effective for many patients in improving older red and raised scars. Improvements include softening, flattening and a reduction in discoloration. However, in general, the sooner the products are applied after the scar has formed, the better the expected results.

Yes, silicone gel and sheeting are recommended in the International Scar Treatment Guidelines to help prevent abnormal scar formation after surgery or injury. See our Breast Reduction Case Study in our Case Studies section to see a treated vs. untreated breast post-surgery.

NewGel+ can be used as soon as the wound is fully closed (sutures removed, no scabbing or oozing). NewGel+ should NOT be used on skin with cracked or opened wounds.

Healing times vary both by individual and by type of scar. Some people begin seeing improvement in the first week but, in general, positive results are usually seen in 3 to 7 weeks with optimal results occurring after 3 months of use.

NewGel+ sheeting and gel is formulated to be worn 6 to 24 hours per day – the more time NewGel+ is in contact with the scar, the greater the effect. Both NewGel+ sheeting and gel should be removed once every 12 hours for inspection of the scar site and to allow the site to be washed and thoroughly dried.

NewGel+ should be used until you stop seeing improvement. Total treatment time is usually 3 months.

Yes, both NewGel+ and MyNewGel are are tradenames for the same products manufactured and sold in the USA. Sometimes, you'll find packaging with both brands listed. For the sake of simplicity, we refer to all products as "NewGel+" products even though some products will have both brand names on the packaging.

Yes, there have been over one hundred clinical studies confirming silicone gel’s effectiveness in treating scars. Some of those clinical studies are cited on our website: Learn more.

Genuine NewGel+ scar treatment products are available for purchase on our website. In additon, on, only those product sold by "NewGel+ Scar Management & Bruise MD" are those you can be sure are genuine and the most current version of our products.

NewGel+ should NOT be used on any skin with a rash, irritated skin, or skin with cracked/open areas.

No, there is no product or procedure available that can totally remove all evidence of a scar but NewGel+ can significantly improve them.


The term "scar sheeting" refers to all Sheets (typically larger rectangle shaped for expanded coverage), Tapes (typically comes in rolls), and Strips (typically comes in smaller pre-cut rectangular shapes). These terms are commonly used interchangeably.

NewGel+ silicone sheeting products improve scars by providing a combination of occlusion (seals the scar from exposure to air), hydration, elevated skin temperature and continuous light pressure. This prevents the skin from producing excessive scar tissue, and helps the scar to stay flat, soft and less red.

Some wrinkling on the edges is normal due to the 1 mm thickness of NewGel+ sheeting products. We recommend using medical adhesive tape to secure sheeting in place - particularly along body contours.

At 1 mm thickness, NewGel+ sheeting, tapes and shapes are signficantly thicker than competing products. While this means NewGel+ sheeting and shapes are priced higher than thinner products sold by competing brands, 1 mm thickness maximizes occlusion, hydration, and pressure for optimal scar reducing treatment.

NewGel+ sheeting products (Sheets, Tapes, and Strips) and NewGel+E gel are often used in combination, but we do NOT recommend using them at the same time. Many people use one product during the day and the other at night to provide 24 hour coverage, especially for high visibility areas such as the face, neck, hands and legs.

Yes, Newgel+ Sheeting, Tapes, and Strips can be cut to fit any scar, simply make sure to cut NewGel+ so that it extends ½ inch on all sides of the scar.

Gently wash with tap water and mild non-moisturizing hand soap then air-dried before reapplying. We recommend washing sheeting after each use.

NO, nothing should be applied under NewGel+ sheeting. Any lotion or medication that gets under the sheet can cause NewGel+ to lose adhesion and effectiveness.

Keep packaging for storage of the product when not in use. For large products that come in tubes, store product flat, backing side down.

Our Product material, as supplied, is a not hazardous waste according to federal regulation (40 CFR 261). Dispose of unused product as a non-hazardous solid waste in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Yes, carefully remove NewGel+ sheeting whenever entering the water or exercising. If reusing, please follow washing and re-use instructions and store in clean and dry place.


NewGel+E silicone gel improves scars by providing a combination of occlusion (seals the scar from exposure to air) and hydration. This prevents the skin from producing excessive scar tissue, and helps the scar to stay flat, soft and less red.

Our 0.5 ounce (15 gram) tube contains enough ointment to treat a 3 inch scar for 3 months. Use sparingly, but make scar is well covered by Newgel+E gel.

Yes, it is safe for use on children and adults. However, we recommend that you always consult with a pediatric medical professional when treating children.

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