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How to Clean Adhesive Silicone Scar Treatments

How to Clean Adhesive Silicone Scar Treatments

Silicone gel products are the first-line option recommended for the prevention and treatment of scars by the experts. For this reason, NewGel+ has developed a collection of the highest quality medical grade silicone gel products that can be used on any and all shapes and sizes of scars, both new and old. All products have been clinically proven to reduce, flatten, fade and smooth scars.

Of all NewGel+ products, the adhesive silicone scar products are considered the first choice for scar management. This is due to their ability to improve scars by providing a combination of occlusion (seals the scar from exposure to air), hydration, elevated skin temperature and continuous light pressure. Since the adhesive silicone scar products are to be worn every day for up to 24 hours per day over at least a two month period, it’s important to make sure your products are cleaned properly. Keep reading to learn more about how to clean adhesive silicone scar products with the NewGel+ REFRESH Foaming Cleanser.


As the NewGel+ sheeting, strips, and shapes are worn over your scar, they collect body oils, dirt, lint and dead skin cells. Without proper cleaning, this accumulation reduces the ability of the product to stick to your scar. Instead of discarding the product once it begins losing it’s ability to stick, extend the life of your adhesive scar treatment products with the NewGel+ REFRESH foaming cleanser. Wash products with this cleanser to effectively remove body oils and dead skin cells from the sticky side, restoring its ability to stick to your scar.


The NewGel+ REFRESH foaming cleanser is different than typical liquid or bar cleansers. Since such cleansing products are made for use on the skin, they often contain various oils or moisturizing ingredients. These ingredients may be beneficial for your skin, but this is not the case for your adhesive silicone scar products, which will be left with an undesirable residue that is difficult to completely rinse off. To overcome this issue, the NewGel+ REFRESH foaming cleanser was specifically formulated to strip off any buildup and rinse clean.

For instance, the NewGel+ REFRESH foaming cleanser contains salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid that is commonly used to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Salicylic acid works by solubilizing the intercellular cement that binds cells together. Ultimately, this loosens the dead skin cells and other debris that can accumulate on your adhesive silicone scar products, making it easy to rinse them clean.

Another important ingredient found in the NewGel+ REFRESH foaming cleanser is sodium lauryl glucose carboxylate, a sugar based surfactant that is produced from naturally occurring raw materials using natural processes. Surfactants are important ingredients in cleansers because they are able to draw oil away from the surface of the skin into spherical structures called micelles. A micelle contains a core of lipophilic (oil-loving) parts and an outer layer of hydrophilic (water-loving) parts. The oil from your skin will stay inside the micelle, and when you rinse with water it will easily wash away because of the hydrophilic outer layer of the micelle, leaving the surface clean.


It’s easy to clean adhesive silicone scar products with the NewGel+ REFRESH foaming cleanser. Simply wet the adhesive scar product under the faucet and apply several pumps of cleanser to the sticky side. Gently cleanse both sides, paying extra attention to the sticky side to remove buildup. Finally, rinse very thoroughly under running water to remove all cleanser residue and allow to air dry. Follow these simple steps whenever your adhesive silicone scar product shows signs of losing its stickiness.

Since NewGel+ scar treatment products should be used for a minimum of two months and additional improvement may occur with use up to six months, keeping your adhesive products clean can extend their life and protect your investment.


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